perl-Test-Simple 0.94

Test::Simple, basic utilities for writing tests

Paketçi: Serdar Dalgıç

Lisans: GPLv2, Artistic


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SürümSürüm tarihiVersiyonGüncelleyenAçıklama
82010-01-060.94Serdar DalgıçRemove conflicting man pages, they are in perl-doc package. Also remove empty directory.
72009-12-040.94Onur KüçükDepend on new perl
62009-12-030.94Onur KüçükAdd perl dependency
52009-11-100.94Faik Uygur* Make sure that subtest works with Test:: modules which call Test::Builder->new at the top of their code.
* Remove perl-doc conflict. These should have been fixed in perl and perl-doc packages. Makes dist-upgrade
impossible with two conflicting packages.
42009-07-250.92Serdar DalgıçAdd perl-doc package as a conflict.
32009-07-140.92Serdar DalgıçVersion bump, add translations.xml and make the package ready for Pardus 2009.
22009-02-100.86Serdar DalgıçVersion bump and remove unnecessary directory '/usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/'.
12008-01-300.74Gökçen EraslanFirst release.