perl-PPIx-Regexp 0.011

Perl module represents a regular expression of some sort

Paketçi: Mesutcan Kurt

Lisans: Artistic, GPLv2


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SürümSürüm tarihiVersiyonGüncelleyenAçıklama
42010-09-180.011Necdet YücelVersion bump:
- Remove dependencies on Params::Util and Readonly. The latter involved changing the symbols exported from PPIx::Regexp::Constant, but these were documented as private, so ...
- Parse POSIX character classes [=a=] and [.a.] as PPIx::Regexp::Token::CharClass::POSIX::Unknown, which counts as a parse failure since these are not supported by Perl.
- Make the PPI::Document created by PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code->ppi() be read only. This means we need PPI 1.116. Cache the document, and ensure the cached result is returned on subsequent calls.
32010-08-090.010Necdet YücelVersion bump:
- Fix fatal error in PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code->ppi()
- Move author tests from xt/ to xt/author/
22010-08-030.009Necdet YücelVersion bump: Recognize s/.../.../ee as being different from s/.../.../e. In particular, the replacement portion of the former is _not_ a Perl expression: it's an interpolatble string, which later gets eval{}'ed.
12010-07-070.008Necdet YücelFirst release.