python-clientform 0.2.10

Python module for HTML Parsing

Paketçi: Mehmet Özdemir

Lisans: BSD


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SürümSürüm tarihiVersiyonGüncelleyenAçıklama
42009-05-150.2.10Serdar DalgıçRemove replaces tag, edit doc path plus some more cosmetic changes in the documentation part. The package is now ready for 2009.
32008-12-180.2.10Serdar DalgıçFor Pardus:
* Version bump to 0.2.10
* Rename the package as python-clientform instead of ClientForm
* Fix date typo in Second Update
For the Package:
* Fix bug that caused some newlines to be erroneously stripped from form data (Gary Poster)
* Fix for missing closing tags: When there was no closing body tag or closing form tag, the final opening form element on a page would not cause a form object to be returned from ParseFileEx and c. (Bradley Murray)
* Use Title-Case in MIME headers in form data
* FileControl fixes for no-files and no-filename cases.
22008-08-220.2.9Serdar DalgıçVersion bump, add examples to documents.
12007-06-200.2.7İlker KesenInitial release.